Keep up to date


Birgit uses frequently to keep you up to date with her activities. The updates appear on the front page of this website, and at (=Birgit at BSustained – nothing to do with bats!).  If you use Twitter (it’s free), you can go to BatBSustained and click Follow.


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way of keeping up to date with without actually visiting the site. There are many ways to use it, for example:

RSS with your email

If you use Thunderbird, an excellent free alternative to Outlook Express, click on Tools, Account Settings, Add Account, RSS News and Blogs, Next, Next, Finish, OK. You should now see News & Blogs on the left as if was an extra email address.  Click News & Blogs > Manage Subscriptions > Add. Then copy and paste into the Feed URL box. Click OK. Go back to your main Thunderbird window and double click on News & Blogs. Click on BSustained and you will see a list of “emails” which are the latest news articles from

RSS with Firefox Live Bookmarks

If you use Firefox, an excellent free alternative to Internet Explorer, you can click on Firefox Live Bookmarks and then click Subscribe Now > Add. Now if you click Bookmarks (the Firefox menu) you will see BSustained on the list. Hover over it to see a list of the most recent articles to click through to.

RSS with Yahoo

If you click on the RSS link Get our RSS feed here or in the bottom right of the BSustained website, you will see a lot of options.

For example, if you have a Yahoo email address, you can click on My Yahoo and add the BSustained RSS “feed” to your My Yahoo page. You should see a panel with 5 most recent headlines from BSustained. You will then be asked to sign in to your Yahoo account so that you get this every time you log in to Yahoo.